Morajane du Plessis Attorneys has merged with Klagsbrun Edelstein Bosman De Vries Inc, effective 1 December 2019

During a six-month course in 2002, four strangers from different cultures met at the LSSA Law School. No longer youngsters – Cameron Morajane, Jean du Plessis, Tebogo Morajane and Karin du Plessis – decided they would rather start their own firm than work for anyone else.

Their diverse backgrounds, culture and legal experience were the right ingredients for a dynamic and successful firm, and in February 2003 half of their dream was realized when the two Du Plessis established Du Plessis and Du Plessis Attorneys. A year later Cameron joined the team and Morajane Du Plessis Attorneys was established.

Morajane Du Plessis − born in the new South Africa − truly embraces the values, hopes and dreams of the new democracy.

*Cameron and Karin have since moved on to new ventures. Today the practice is run by co-director and co-founder, Jean du Plessis and co-director, Malandi Pieterse who joined Morajane Du Plessis in 2008.

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